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Velo Maritime

The EV4 - The Vélomaritime®

The Velomaritime is a cycling route of about 1500 km which links Roscoff in Britanny to Dunkerque in the North. Between capes, bays, dunes, cliffs and registered UNESCO World Heritage sites... The Velomaritme offers a unique cycling experience. It is the ideal route for all cyclists  who just want to get out for the sporting challange. It’s a good combination of cultural and gastronomical experience. 93% of the work has been completed and should be finished in 2021. The Velomaritime is also the French part of the Eurovelo 4 which is about 4000 km long and goes through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine.

Paimpol is one of the highlights of the EV4 - The Vélomaritime® : this stage is very scenic, travelling along the cliff route overlooking the cove of Bréhec and offering uninterrupted sea views. There’s time to enjoy the magnificent Beauport Abbey before arriving in Paimpol, with its historic shipowners’ houses and charming narrow streets. The route is relatively flat, suitable for intermediate-level cyclists.

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