Beauport Abbey

A fascinating example of religious architecture in Brittany

Accessible from the GR®34, the Abbey is a unique blend of natural and built heritage nestling in the heart of the bay of Paimpol

Its history goes back to the 13th century. The Premonstratensian monks who came from the Abbey of Lucerne in Normandy worked on creating the site up until the Revolution. Designated as a property of the state and sold off, it was later classed as a Historical Monument in 1862. 

The site passed into the hands of the Conservatoire du Littoral Coastal Protection Agency in 1992 and underwent a programme of restoration and cultural development in partnership with the Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor. The Abbey is now home to exhibitions, performances and cultural events.

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A tour of Beauport Abbey

Explore the interior to discover a ‘green cloister’, a church open to the elements where hydrangeas and old roses flourish, admire the rooms with elegant ogive arches where swallows and bats live in perfect tranquility, pause for a moment at the refectory window to contemplate the stunning view of the sea and surrounding islands.

Here’s a good tip !

Beauport Abbey is home to a conservatory orchard. Of the 60 different varieties of apples grown here, 80% are specific to the site. Today, artisan cider and apple juice are produced here, using apples from the orchard !

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