La Ronde des Calvaires

trail at Kérien

A 14-kilometre, 3.5 hour trail to delight experienced walkers

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The ‘Ronde des Calvaires’, around the crossroads of the commune of Kerien, 20 kilometres south of Guingamp, is a mix of heritage monuments and natural beauty.  You’ll find peace and quiet in the heart of the countryside and all along the walk you’ll come across many farm animals as well as historic monuments.

Countryside and rivers

You’ll discover a number of granite calvaries bearing witness to the deep religious beliefs of the Breton people.  You’ll also travel through landscapes of streams and tumbled rocks from the centre of Kerien passing through the hamlets of Botgué, Kiriel, Kerligan and Saint-Jean.  During the trip, you can pause at the Chaos of Kiriel or the stream of Saint-Jean to rest awhile and enjoy a picnic.

The route

From the mairie car park, follow the ‘Ronde des Calvaires’ trail, marked in yellow and visible all along the route.  The walk has been designed so you can enjoy four spots in particular:

  • The Calvary at Botgué.  Very early in the walk, just a few metres on the D8 road, on your left you’ll see the Calvary of Botgué (Bodgwez in Breton), dating from the 16th century.
  • The Chaos at Kiriel.  Further on, in the countryside, at the edge of the forest, you’ll be able to admire the impressive tumbled granite rocks of Kiriel.
  • The Calvary of Kerligan.  This is located at the half-way point of the walk, and is one of the most remarkable calvaries in the area.  Made of granite, the Calvary of Kerligan was constructed in the 16th century, and classified as a historic monument in 1964.  It was restored in 1987, to the delight of walkers in search of the calvaries of Kerien.

The stream of Saint-Jean.  An idea spot to recharge your batteries.  Through a small wood you’ll find the stream of Saint-Jean, a tributary of the 148-kilometre long Blavet river.  A good time to have a break before returning to the starting point at the mairie car park.

Practical info

  • Starting point: Kerien mairie car park
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Level: Difficult
  • Waymarking: Yellow

(© Text by : David Kerhervé - Publihebdos)

  • La Ronde des Calvaires trail at Kérien ©Marjorie Baron
  • La Ronde des Calvaires trail at Kérien ©Marjorie Baron