Mon Tro Breizh®

The Tro Breizh® with Mon Tro Breizh® - one of the most beautiful walking trips in Brittany

Start your ‘grand tour’ of Brittany on the paths of the Tro Breizh®

A fine circular walk of almost 1500 kilometres, to be completed in stages or in one go... and all on foot!

A secular pilgrimage which transports you to the heart of Breton history, through wild moorland, colourful heather, sunken pathways, breathtaking sea views, misty landscapes, silent menhirs, fabulous heritage sites and mysterious legends.
The Tro Breizh® is unlike any other walk, with no ‘official’ starting point - instead it’s up to you to complete the circle.  Walking the Breton equivalent of the Camino de Santiago, you’ll be following in the footsteps of the Founding Saints of Brittany, before arriving back where you started...transformed!

 Mon Tro Breizh®

Carte TroBreizh

Are you ready for the walk from Tréguier to Saint Brieuc, passing through Paimpol and Pontrieux?  You’ll be covering 138 kilometres with 2 alternative routes, with even more to see and experience!

Crossing the Jaudy, with Saint Yves as your travelling companion, visiting the linen-retting ponds at Trédarzec, the seaweed industry of the Bizien estuary, the quays of Pouldouran, the spectacular journey up the Trieux river, with the Châteaux of Roche Jagu, Botloï, Frynaudour and Lézardrieux, Pontrieux -  the Little Venice of the Trégor, known for its lavoir washhouses, the village of Lanleff with its ancient circular temple, Beauport Abbey, the moulin de Craca windmill, and the dizzying cliffs of Plouézec, the danses macabres of Kermaria-an-Isquit, the fire-bearing angel of Goudelin, the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Cour at Lantic leading to the ports of Binic and Pordic, viaducts from yesteryear, the blue-tinted shroud of the Roseliers, Brieuc, the Breton saint...

With so many things to see and places to visit, you’ll easily find your ideal pace on this unforgettable journey.

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Here’s a taste of what awaits you along the Mon TroBreizh® !