How to get here

Car sharing - the smart way to travel !

Travelling together is economical and eco-friendly. Car sharing is on its way to becoming an everyday way of getting around.  Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol is committed to sustainable tourism, and supports Agenda 21. Working with the Conseil Départemental, we offer an easy way for drivers and passengers to contact each other on the car share website.

Why car share ? It’s economical ! It’s eco-friendly !  It’s convivial l! It’s practical !

Ter Bretagne ©Diaphane Ell Prod

How to get here ?

>> By rail

- TGV Bretagne Grande Vitesse Paris only 2 hours 34 minutes from Guingamp !

- TER regional trains : téléphone SNCF 3635

  • Guingamp-Paimpol with outstanding views over the Trieux estuary (45 min)
  • Guingamp-Callac (35 min)

>> By road

- From Paris, A11 motorway and N12 expressway

  • Paris-Guingamp 5 hours
  • Paris-Paimpol 5 hours 15 minutes
  • Paris-Callac 5 hours 30 minutes

Remind: all motorised traffic is prohibited on Brehat island.

  • Where to park 
    Find all the car parks near our Tourist Information Offices

All car parks in Paimpol are free. Some spaces are time-limited (blue zone), marked in blue on the ground around the parking space (mainly around the port and in the old town): 1 hour in summer, 1.5 hours in winter. European parking discs are available from the Tourist Office.

  • Place de Verdun – zone bleue
  • Place Gambetta – zone bleue
  • Place du Goëlo – zone bleue
  • Quai neuf – zone bleue
  • Parking de la gare, avenue du Général De Gaulle – bus parking possible

All car parks in Guingamp are free. Some spaces are time-limited (blue zone), marked in blue on the ground around the parking space (in the old town) : 1.5 hours all year

  • Place du Champ-Au-Roy – zone bleue
  • Place du Centre – zone bleue
  • Place de la République – zone bleue
  • Place du Vally – bus parking possible

All car parks in Pontrieux are free.

  • Place de la Liberté
  • Place Yves Le Trocquer
  • Parking de la Passerelle (behind the Tourist Office)
  • Rue Traou Mélédern – bus parking possible

All car parks in Bégard are free.

  • Place du Centre
  • Parking du Lavoir, rue du Bon Sauveur
  • Place Gérard Le Caër : rue de l’Hôtel de Ville / rue Anatole Le Braz
  • Place de la République : rue de l’Hôtel de Ville / rue Anatole Le Braz
  • Short-term parking in front of the Tourist Office on the rue de l’Hotel de Ville

All car parks in Belle-isle-En-Terre are feee.

  • Rue Crec’h Ugen
  • Venelle de la Motte
  • Place de l’église
  • Prat Elès (Collège) : bus parking possible

All car parks in Callac are feee.

  • Place du 9 avril 1944

All car parks provide one or more parking spaces reserved for drivers with reduced mobility

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>> By air

- Rennes and Brest airports

  • 1 hour 30 minutes from Guingamp

>> By sea

- Paimpol marina - Tel : 02 96 20 47 65
- Pontrieux marina - Tel : 02 96 95 36 28

- Year-round crossing from the Pointe de l’Arcouest to the island of Bréhat - Tel : 02 96 55 79 50

Advice and practical info for visiting the Island of Bréhat

>> By bus

- BreizhGo local bus network  -Tél : 0810 22 22 22
- Guingamp Paimpol Mobilité local bus service - Tél : 02 96 68 00 08

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  • Bicycling