The Trieux estuary

Fresh-water, salt-water : the diversity of an estuary

Exploring the estuary of the Trieux offers an astonishingly varied waterside experience, with natural, maritime and built heritage for all tastes

The Trieux river is 72 kilometres long, flowing through Guingamp then Pontrieux before its 18-kilometre estuary leads it to the sea and the beauty spots of Loguivy de la Mer and the Island of Bréhat. The coast continues to share its rugged charm, with cliffs, pine groves, heathland and coves where migrating birds stop off on their long journeys.

Then the river narrows, the vegetation becomes more dense, and the river banks reveal their secrets : the port of Lézardrieux, the forest of Penhoat-Lancerf and the Maison de l’Estuaire, the Château de la Roche Jagu, the town of Pontrieux and its lavoirs..

For a trip to get your pulse racing, you can kayak down the river - with a passage through the lock that you won’t forget !

Explore the estuary by boat

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Places not to be missed along the Trieux river