The Bréhat archipelago

A feast for all the senses !

The car-free Island of Bréhat allows you to enjoy time for yourself and take life at your own pace...

The Island of Bréhat, where you can step outside of time

For a taste of la vie en rose ! Just a few minutes from the Pointe de l’Arcouest on the mainland, it’s not hard to see why Bréhat is called the island of flowers. The magic starts as soon as you arrive. 

You’ll be enchanted by the colourful flower-filled backdrop of this little paradise, with a profusion of agapanthus, eucalyptus, camellia and mimosa. The small archipelago, made up of around 100 islands and home to 400 people, is bathed in an incomparable light which gives the granite its characteristic pink colour. Enjoy exploring on foot or by bicycle !

For a sustainable tourisme, Ile de Brehat is reviewing the visitors flow to the island. 

Due to it's success, the island receives about 400 000 visitors each year,  with a significant increase during July and August. To reduce the impact on wildlife and heritage sites, a threshold of the amount of visitors is in place from the 22th of July till the 23th of August 2024, between 8h30 and 14h30, from Monday till Friday.  At Arcouest, the parking places are paid and assigned areas near the departure point on the pier (Wild parking will be fined).


To make the most of your visit :  choose low season  and inbetween school holidays

Days with less visitors : Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays

To be sure, better to reserve beforehand

Caring for the environment

The Island of Bréhat has been a classified natural site since 1907, and deserves our care and respect so that it remains as beautiful and welcoming as ever.  Whether it’s a question of water, energy, biodiversity or landscapes, the island’s resources are limited.  Help us preserve the Bréhat archipelago:

  • The coastal footpaths are exclusively reserved for walkers.
  • Walking poles with metal tips damage the paths and are therefore prohibited.
  • The pebbles protect the shore from the onslaught of the ocean.  They must not be collected or piled up.
  • The flora of the island is fragile and precious:  don’t pick the flowers, they’re more beautiful in the wild
  • Waste management is complicated on an island.  Please take your litter back to the mainland.
  • Water and energy are precious resources:  use them carefully, and don’t hesitate to talk to local people who will be happy to tell you about the way of life on Bréhat.

Practical tips and info for visiting the Island of Bréhat

Getting to la Pointe de l’Arcouest

The embarkation point for Bréhat is at the port of l’Arcouest, a few kilometres from Paimpol.
Plan your route on Google Maps.

Where to park?

Once you arrive at l’Arcouest you can use the car parks provided:

  • l’Embarcadère car park - with video surveillance, 250 spaces
  • Municipal car park with 1300 spaces - no surveillance - 7 euros per vehicle per day /12 euros per day for a motorhome or vehicle over 2m10

Avoid traffic jams by taking the bus. 

Simply park your car in the Champ-de-Foire car park on the rue Cdt Jean le Deut in Paimpol and take the bus.

Line 24 - Paimpol - l’Arcouest on the Guingamp Paimpol Mobilité network drops you off right at the embarkation point at the Pointe de l’Arcouest (the last stop on the 24 line).

Getting there

The Vedettes de Bréhat and Sur Mer Bréhat will whisk you across in only 10 minutes from the Pointe de l’Arcouest, or you could take a more leisurely route with a 45-minute tour of the island, complete with commentary, before disembarking on the island of flowers...

 4 ways to discover the island of Bréhat

Bréhat on foot

The mingled scents of spring flowers and the tides, the landscapes that unroll before your eyes, the distant sound of bicycle bells, a hidden cove for a spur-of-the-moment dip in the sea, the flowers and the pink granite rocks. All this is your Bréhat...

Bréhat by bike

Rediscover childhood pleasures when you wander the island from north to south. Enjoy the majestic sight of the archipelago dotted around the main islands..The magical landscapes are well worth the effort, and you can always have a quiet forty winks off the beaten track!

Bréhat by boat

Or perhaps you’d like to enjoy a picnic aboard your own boat at the " Trou de la souris " ?!
You’ll find numerous enchanting places to moor or drop anchor to spend the day on Bréhat...

Bréhat by kayak

Maybe you’re ready to meet some fabulous characters ? We hear that a certain grey seal likes to play with the paddles...