The Highwaymen’s Trail

in the heart of the Argoat

This relatively flat route has no technical difficulties and is suitable for beginners and more experienced trail runners looking to work on speed and a change of pace.

The 11-kilometre circuit takes 1 hour 15 minutes, and will also appeal to good walkers.

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The Circuit des Brigands in the commune of Bulat-Pestivien is especially recommended for lovers of trail running.  With a quiet countryside location in the heart of nature and in a land of granite there are so many good reasons to enjoy a run here.  Get into your running gear and trainers, and head for central Brittany for an 11-kilometre off-road run.

The Circuit des Brigands

It’s no accident that the circuit is named the Brigands’ or Highwaymen’s Trail.  The magical and sometimes mysterious landscapes have given rise to the appearance of a number of fabled highwaymen the most famous of whom was the notorious Jérôme Gaudu.  He held up merchants, especially those on their way to the fair at Rostrenen, and according to the folk tales he is said to have hidden his spoils in a wall somewhere in the area during the 19th century!

A former château at Coat Gouredenn

The trail lives up to all its promises.  It offers a wide variety of different types of paths, landscapes and fields dotted with granite boulders. About two-thirds of the way along, we reach Coat Gouredenn.  The site is magnificent, in a pretty little wood with a pond and a mill dating back to the 14th or 15th century.  Coat Gouredenn, which means ‘the ever-wet wood’ in Breton, was once home to one of the greatest seignuries of the area, along with Pestivien and Bodilio.  It was here that the château of Bulat was built, then dismantled after the Breton War of Succession.  Today, unfortunately,  no trace of it remains.

Good reasons to stay awhile

Back at our starting point, we can admire the beautiful church of Bulat, and its lace-like stone spire stretching to 66 metres, the highest of the Côtes d’Armor!  Before heading home, we decide to stop at the Ch’ty Coz, a traditional yet unusual bar.  Chatting to local hikers, we’re advised to see the ancient Tronjoli oak tree before we leave, also the remarkable fountains of the Virgin, the Rooster and the Seven Saints, not forgetting the Museum of Breton manoirs.

Many amazing finds await us in the heart of this unexpected corner of Brittany.

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  • Boules de granit à Bulat-Pestivien ©Samuel Jouon
  • Le Ch''ty Coz à Bulat-Pestivien ©Oeil de Paco