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Discover fly fishing in the Léguer Valley

Pêche à la mouche dans la Vallée du Léguer avec Eric Hamon ©Oeil de Paco


The only place to find true wild salmon is in particularly unspoilt rivers. I’ll take you to the heart of our wild river !

Be aware, fishing is not open all year round !

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The Léguer river is classified as a wild river by the Rivières Sauvages programme ! Try your hand at no-kill fishing !

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Whether you’re a fishing fanatic or simply a lover of nature, you’ll be delighted by the range of activities and the unspoilt beauty of the Léguer river, a certified ‘Wild Rivers’ site. A fabulous nature playground for the children too ! Let’s make our way towards the charming little village of Belle-Isle-en-Terre, exploring the unspoilt rich beauty of nature in the heart of the Léguer Valley.

A Fisherman’s Paradise

Sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent, the waters of the Léguer provide a little slice of paradise for experienced or novice fisherman alike. You can indulge in your passion using numerous different techniques: fly-fishing, the ultimate skill for the Léguer, natural-bait or toc fishing, or casting.

Once you’ve made your decision, all you need to do is to look out for the brown trout and wild salmon, the Léguer’s iconic fish.

A treasure hunt in the Léguer Valley

If you like walking, you’ll love the Léguer Valley, classed as a Natura 2000 site for its outstanding beauty and the diversity of its flora and fauna. Forest, river and hedgerow trails are dotted around the valley, but you can make it even more fun, especially for the kids, by combining a walk with a treasure hunt ! Equipped with a GPS, you’ll have a great time solving clues and searching for treasure along a 3.5 km - 6 km walk. You can pick up a copy of the treasure map at The Tourist Office in Belle-Isle-en-Terre.

A day with fishing guide Eric Hamon

Professional fishing guide Eric Hamon is a specialist in fly-fishing, and he’s happy to share his passion with you. If you’re a budding angler, he’ll introduce you to various techniques, and even the more seasoned fishermen will be able to learn a lot from his years of experience.

Eric will be your guide for an unforgettable day of enjoyment, sharing knowledge and experience. While you’re waiting eagerly for a bite, Eric - a nature lover who is committed to protecting the environment - will help you to understand the fragile beauty of your surroundings. From him, you’ll learn that it can be just as enjoyable to return fish to water as to catch them. And if you’d like to play your part in conserving stocks, the site of the former dam at Kernansquillec offers a ‘no-kill’ stretch of river. The experience would not be complete without the traditional photo session, to capture the memory of an unforgettable day of fishing.

Fun visits to explore and learn

Whether you’re staying at one of many gîtes in the region or just here for the day, whether you’re alone or with friends or family, get even more from this lovely natural setting by including a visit to the aquarium ‘Des curieux de la Nature’ in the heart of the little village of Belle-Isle-en-Terre. With a guide or on your own, you’ll discover the inhabitants of Brittany’s rivers: the pike lurking amongst aquatic plants, the watchful carp, the salmon - king of the river - and many other fish. Some of them are hard to spot, but if you’re patient and you keep your eyes open you’ll be rewarded by a glimpse. To help the children learn, there are fun games and activities.


The one that got away ? Head for the aquarium !

After the theory comes the practice. At the Centre Régionale d’Initiation à la Rivière, next door to the aquarium, you can spend an afternoon with our local guides who will invite you on a nature trip the whole family will enjoy, exploring the habitats of wild animals and plants. If you’re patient and quiet you might come across dragonflies, otters, frogs, toads and salamanders, not to mention kingfishers, black woodpeckers, Dartford warblers or the great crested grebe. At the water’s edge, parents and children can enjoy some family time fashioning toys from the abundance of natural materials on hand. Get in touch with your inner Robinson Crusoe !


  • Pêche à la mouche dans la Vallée du Léguer avec Eric Hamon ©Oeil de Paco
  • Pêche à la mouche dans la Vallée du Léguer avec Eric Hamon ©Oeil de Paco
  • Pêche à la mouche dans la Vallée du Léguer avec Eric Hamon ©Oeil de Paco
  • Pêche à la mouche dans la Vallée du Léguer avec Eric Hamon ©Oeil de Paco
  • Pêche à la mouche dans la Vallée du Léguer avec Eric Hamon ©Oeil de Paco
  • Pêche à la mouche dans la Vallée du Léguer avec Eric Hamon ©Oeil de Paco