Sharing a moment at the Jardins de Kerfouler garden

Explore the rebirth of the seasons with Erwin

Erwin Straalman - Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco

Erwin Straalman

“Above all, a garden is a moment for sharing, with nature and with others.”

  • Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol is Nature and wonderful places
  • Your ideal day To live the moment and enjoy what’s happening
  • Your philosophy To be cheerful and take pleasure in every day, being happy with friends and family
  • Your favourite spot The gorges du Corong
  • Your favourite treat Enjoying a fish dish in a good restaurant like l’Abri des Barges on the banks of the Jaudy
  • Your passion Being outside and working with my hands in the garden

The Jardins de Kerfouler are open during the summer season from 1 June to 31 October.

June and October:  weekends only (Friday to Sunday) from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm

July to September:  Wednesday to Sunday from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm

There’s plenty to delight art lovers too, with a unique outdoor exhibition every year.

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The Jardins de Kerfouler at Plouëc du Trieux are the creation of Erwin and Hanneke.  In just a few short years they have created 16 different original spaces each with their own ambience.  Let’s explore the heart of the garden.

For Erwin, the unique experience provided by the Jardins de Kerfouler is more than just a simple visit to a garden.  It’s the opportunity to step into a different world, taking us on a voyage of discovery, with surprisingly different ambiences round every corner of the16 different spaces that lead us round the garden.  Discoveries that invite us to share a moment around a passion we have in common - gardens and gardening.  A visit to these gardens is a personal experience which everyone will enjoy in their own way.  At the end of the visit, Erwin is happy to share his planting advice with you.

In constant evolution

The garden is an ongoing project in constant evolution.  Just like any other life-cycle, the gardens are reborn at each new season.  A simple sculpture or an artistic modification can effectively recreate a space, giving it a completely new meaning.  New gardens are in the process of being prepared, which takes time.  First comes the concept, then a theme is chosen and a plan is drawn up.  Then the work begins, placing the first stones which define the space, starting the planting then waiting until the space is ready to be revealed to visitors.

Your inspiration?

“I find my inspiration in nature, as well as at plant nurseries and horticultural events.”  Erwin is a passionate gardener and plant collector, and he takes particular care in developing the unique character of each garden.  Combining nature with artworks is an artistic discipline in its own right.  In 2019, he is working with ceramicist Audrey Kimmel.

Erwin tells us “I particularly like the Jardin des Hirondelles (Swallow Garden)”.  At dawn or sunset, for a moment of pure relaxation, he takes a few moments to watch the birds swooping above the pond, against the backdrop of the Trieux Valley.  You will be able to do the same when you visit this unique garden.



  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco
  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco
  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco
  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco
  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco
  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco
  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco
  •  Jardins de Kerfouler © Oeil de Paco