Our high point !

A 360°panorama from the roof of the Côtes d’Armor

In all weathers, all year round, Menez Bré provides views over Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol !

Make a date in your diary for the 15th August when you can enjoy one of the last traditional horse fairs on the summit of Menez Bré !

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As far as the eye can see

If you like open spaces and natural landscapes, mysterious Menez Bré will win your heart. Take the time to pause and reflect, and enjoy a moment of happiness and serenity at the summit of Menez Bré, the most magnificent high point of the Côtes d’Armor.

A little chapel

Perched on the summit of Menez Bré which rises to 302 metres, the little chapel surrounded by heathland has battled the winds from all points of the compass for over 500 years. Although a religious building, the chapel’s history is bound up in Brittany’s tradition of legend. Its founder, the monk Saint Hervé, was born blind and gifted with supernatural powers. According to legend, he caused a spring with healing powers to gush from the earth. You can visit the miraculous spring, situated at the foot of the hill along a little sunken path.

For walkers

Many walking paths wind their way around the hill. You can explore on foot, mountain bike, on horseback - whatever takes your fancy. The paths lead you through a variety of landscapes, forests, rivers and small traditional villages.

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The Fête du Cheval horse festival

The 15th of August sees the celebration of Breton draft horses on the summit of Menez Bré. Local families wouldn’t miss this day out for the world!  Join them to enjoy the many different events on offer : an equestrian show, Breton games, demonstrations of traditional rural crafts, without forgetting the highlight of the day, the colt and filly championship. You’ll enjoy an authentic and friendly atmosphere, just as magical as your surroundings.

Let yourself go

You’ll be aware of all your senses. Savour the silence, fill your lungs with fresh air, feel the wind caressing your face and soak up the sweeping views ! From the orientation table you can see more than 50 kilometres in all directions, from the Monts d’Arrée to the pink granite coast. They say that on a clear day you can even see the sea. You’ll feel untroubled by the world, in perfect harmony with nature; a moment of pure relaxation with birdsong the only noise you hear. At you feet, the vegetation might remind you of some Scottish landscapes, which change so dramatically with the seasons. The bare heathland of winter surrenders to springtime, with its golden carpet of gorse mingling with the pink of wild heather. A burst of colour that only the setting sun can rival, and a magnificent spectacle which you can enjoy if you wait until nightfall. It really is worth the wait - bring a picnic to savour with your partner or the children; you’ll have a wonderful evening like no other.

  • Chapelle Saint Hervé au sommet du Menez Bré à Pédernec
  • Chapelle Saint Hervé au sommet du Menez Bré à Pédernec
  • Chapelle Saint-Hervé au Menez Bré, point culminant des Côtes d'Armor © L'Oeil de Paco
  • Table d'orientation au sommet du Menez Bré à Pédernec
  • Foire du Ménéz-Bré, travail à l'ancienne ©H. Briand
  • Foire aux chevaux du Menez-Bré©Jean-Luc Le Bouil