La Vallée des Bambous

A treasure trove of plants in Plougonver

La Vallée des Bambous à Plougonver ©Oeil de Paco

Gilbert Cudennec

When we settled here 30 years ago, there was nothing but scrub.

Open from May to October, Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m.
July/August:  Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m.


Guided tours only
Groups welcome by appointment all year round

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Bamboos, ferns and rare plants from all over the world flourish in this Breton paradise covering 8 hectares.  Gilbert and Josiane Cudennec welcome you to their green sanctuary, home to more that 5,000 trees and shrubs, including 400 different species of bamboo.

A passion for plants

The lush vegetation has been lovingly cared for by the couple for more than 30 years, with an incredible cross-section of plants from the four corners of the earth.  From his travels, Gilbert has brought back seeds and plants from China, South America and other countries.  Friends have also supplied additions to his collection.

Bamboo is booming

Their passion for bamboo was born of a happy coincidence.  Gilbert explains that they were in fact searching for a plant for their small animals to use for hatching, and bamboo proved to be the ideal solution.  Since then, the couple has created a temple to bamboo, with 400 of the 2000 identified varieties.  There are many others, but their discovery is hampered by difficulty of access.  The garden at Plougonver is a benchmark recognised by botanists worldwide, for whom Gilbert and Josiane have planted bamboos for study purposes.  This beneficial plant is increasingly being used to create everyday objects.   Gilbert tells us that they have been contacted by a bicycle manufacturer, and that fly fishers find a bamboo rod ideal for sensitivity to vibrations in the water.

Preserving biodiversity

To care for their plants, Gilbert and Josiane weed only by hand, avoiding the use of a strimmer as it’s bad for insects, and also limiting the amount of mowing.  Everything possible is done to preserve biodiversity and create a haven of peace.

The Léguer river below

Walkers will appreciate the exotic surroundings.  A beautiful two-hour walk through changing landscapes to stimulate the senses, arriving at the picture-postcard lake.  Further on, the Léguer river joins the walk, accompanied by dragonflies and damselflies.  Heading back, numerous perfumed plants reveal themselves with the scents of daphne and mint to complete an enchanting walk.

(© Text by : Manon Le Yan - Publihebdos)

  • La Vallée des Bambous à Plougonver ©Oeil de Paco
  • La Vallée des Bambous à Plougonver ©Oeil de Paco
  • La Vallée des Bambous à Plougonver ©Oeil de Paco
  • La Vallée des Bambous à Plougonver ©Oeil de Paco
  • La Vallée des Bambous à Plougonver ©Oeil de Paco