An afternoon of golf in Bégard

Relaxation and concentration!

Gaëtane Bourdonnec - golf in Bégard ©Oeil de Paco

Gaëtane Bourdonnec

The golf course in Bégard - a family concern since 1987

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We’re at the golf course in Bégard this afternoon for an introductory session with our instructor Lénaïc Besnoux, in a relaxing setting in the heart of the countryside.  I’m welcomed in the café by the owners, the Bourdonnec family.

Striking the ball

We set off for the 40-hectare green in a wooded setting.  We start off at the driving range, learning how to strike the ball with various clubs.  Lénaïc explains how the angle of the club head determines the height of the ball once struck, and the length of the shaft determines the distance the ball travels.  He shows me three types of clubs - putters, irons and woods.  I try to remember to plant my feet firmly and keep my eye on the ball as Lénaïc  has shown me, before taking a swing.  “The more relaxed you are, the easier it gets!” I’m told.  The result:  In spite of the relaxing verdant surroundings and the fun aspect of the lesson, I hit more air than ball, under the kind, amused gaze of my teacher.

‘It clears your head’

Lénaïc fell in love with golf when he played with his father as a child, and he’s been a passionate golfer ever since.  “You can make progress every day, even if you don’t have a very high level.  A good golfer stays humble and doesn’t get carried away.  It’s a sport that requires concentration, but relaxation is also an important component.  It clears your head and works all parts of your body.”

An undulating course

Then I try out the course, sometimes flat, sometimes rolling and uneven.  The aim:  starting from a spot several hundred metres from the objective, get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible.  My instructor challenges me to get there in 7 shots.  I need to think about which clubs to use, and the position to take in relation to the target.  I manage to win the challenge in 7 shots!  But the most important aspect lies elsewhere, and Lénaïc is right:  when you play golf you think of nothing except concentrating on your goal.  The surroundings and the play allow you to totally relax.

(© Text by : Chloé Ragueneau - Publihebdos)

  • Golf in Bégard ©Oeil de Paco
  • Golf in Bégard ©Oeil de Paco
  • Golf in Bégard ©Oeil de Paco
  • Golf in Bégard ©Oeil de Paco
  • Golf in Bégard ©Oeil de Paco
  • Golf in Bégard ©Oeil de Paco