Dance the 'dérobée'

The battle of the best Breton dancers

This year, the Festival will take place from from 16th - 18th August 2024 ! Don’t forget to reserve your seats and accommodation ;)

Just a stone’s throw from the station, the festival is accessible on foot all the way from Paris !

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The Saint-Loup is the unmissable summer festival. Firmly rooted in Guingamp for over 60 years, the festival encompasses tradition and modernity. For 6 days the town resonates to the sound of binious and bombardes ; the historic streets are filled with the colourful spectacle of traditional costumes all designed to delight your eyes and ears. The party continues late into the night, with concerts by artists from near and far, and the spirited dancing of fest-noz night festivals.

A whole weekend dedicated to Breton dance

The Championnat de Bretagne de danse is one of the highlights of the festival. The best cercles or groups of dancers compete to win the coveted title of Champion of Brittany ! A breathtaking contest of grace and beauty with such a dizzying array of lifts you might think the dancers were flying !

The contest is representative of contemporary Brittany anchored in local tradition : gavotte, plain, fisel, laridé... names of well-known Breton dances together with a free-style stage performance where the dancers can let their imagination and innovation run free.  You’ll be amazed by what the cercles can achieve.

Guingamp has its own dance ! La Dérobée !

Everyone knows the famous football team En Avant de Guingamp, but la Dérobée is no less famous ! Accompanied by the music of the bagadoù, the dancers are more than a little proud to follow the steps of the town’s own Dérobée down the rue Notre-Dame ! Dancers and spectators are bound together in a moment of sharing, with the spectacle of dancers meeting and parting, but always finding their partner in the end.

Your first steps

Test your strength !

Make the most of the festival by having a try at Breton dancing. Join in the round, and don’t worry about making mistakes - conviviality is the order of the day. You’ll soon find your feet, and be swept along by the laughter and good humour of local people who are delighted to share their culture with you. You won’t be just a spectator at the next fest-noz. Instead, you’ll be ready to join in the dance, linking little fingers with your neighbours and tapping your feet.

Traditional games of strength are a big part of popular Breton culture. You can admire the strength and skill of the competitors who battle it out lifting or throwing everyday items:  wooden poles, sleds, axle shafts, sacks... These feats test the muscles and ensure the admiration of the public young and old, who can also have a go. The most timeless and well-known game - the tug-of-war - is guaranteed to bring back happy childhood memories !


  • Festival de la St-Loup à Guingamp ©Oeil de Paco
  • Festival de la St-Loup à Guingamp ©Oeil de Paco
  • Festival de la St-Loup à Guingamp ©Oeil de Paco
  • Festival de la St-Loup à Guingamp ©Oeil de Paco
  • Festival de la St-Loup à Guingamp ©Oeil de Paco