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During your visit, make sure to climb Ménez Bré and discover the panoramic view from the chapel of Saint-Hervé

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Armoripark in Bégard is THE family leisure park in the Côtes d’Armor:  indoor and outdoor swimming pools heated to 29°C, giant slides, a zipwire, treetop nets...  In the water, in the air, amongst the trees, on solid ground, the activities just keep on coming, with fantastic experiences for all the family to share!

At Armoripark, more than 25 different activities to try!
Before we came, we took the time to look at the map with our friends, to make sure that we wouldn’t miss anything and to get as much as possible out of the day.  Around the water park and its three slides, the park offers over 25 different activities!  You can use the facilities as much as you like once you’ve paid the entrance fee, which was something we really appreciated!

Let the kids take charge, and relax

The kids go wild as soon as we arrive, and jump on the trampolines.  As soon as they spot another activity, they’re off!
Which means, of course, that our careful plans go out the window...  So, rather than cause a fuss, we decide to forget about our programme and let the kids lead the way.  It was a great idea, to let ourselves be carried along by the moment, following our little tribe!

At Armoripark, everything invites you to take your time.  The leisure park is nestled in a small valley, on a scale that won’t tire out young legs.  On a Saturday in July we were a little concerned about having to queue in the hot sun, but we needn’t have worried.  There are plenty of shady spots scattered around the park where you can have a rest or enjoy a picnic.  You can also have a bite to eat at the snack bar, located in a restored longère.

A cocktail of sensations for all ages

Every activity gave us a different experience:

  • the kids went crazy on the trampolines and the giant inflatables
  • we battled each other on the giant games
  • we took a pedalo on the lake and strolled around the park, petted the animals
  • the parents had a race down the Pentogliss potato sack slide
  • we defied gravity in the 300m² of nets in the treetops
  • some of us even dared to ride the 150 m zipwire over the lake, and we gave a nod to the film Cool Runnings on the summer sledge run winding through the pine trees.

The children’s faces showed their excitement, sometimes their frustration at being too little for some of the activities.  But that was quickly replaced by shouts of laughter on the inflatable caterpillar, the concentration needed for mini-golf, or nervousness then pride at having conquered the zipwire.  Perhaps a little tiredness as well!

Store up some wonderful family memories

5 o’clock strikes, and we haven’t seen the time pass.  We share our impressions over an ice-cream, near the pedalos.  In the end we haven’t had time to go to the swimming pool, but not to worry, we’ll be back!  The kids are grinning from ear to ear, and we feel as if we’ve stored up some wonderful family memories, far from our day-to-day life.

Our advice for making the most of a trip to Armoripark:
Get there at opening time and stay in the park to have a picnic.  Don’t forget your costume if you plan to go swimming, and wear closed-toe shoes if you’re tempted by the zipwire (we know of one Dad who was not best pleased to be at ground level in his flip-flops while the others were high up in the air, having the time of their lives!).

  • S'envoler avec la tyrolienne à Armoripark, parc de loisirs © Stéphanie Dabernat
  • Approcher les animaux de la ferme à Armoripark, parc de loisirs © Stéphanie Dabernat
  • Dévaler le pentogliss à Armoripark, parc de loisirs © Stéphanie Dabernat
  • Escalader la pyramide de cordes à Armoripark, parc de loisirs © Stéphanie Dabernat
  • S'évader en pédalos à Armoripark, parc de loisirs © Stéphanie Dabernat
  • Marcher dans les airs avec les filets suspendus à Armoripark © Stéphanie Dabernat
  • Flâner dans le parc de loisirs à Armoripark © Marie-Laura Grosse
  • Jouer dans l'espace aqualudique © Armoripark
  • Loisirs en famille à Armoripark © Stéphanie Dabernat
  • S'émerveiller dans le colombier de Kernandour et ses chênes bonzaï © Armoripark