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Natura2000 sur la destination Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol

Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol and Natura 2000

Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol owes it beauty to the stunning coastline and mysterious interior landscapes. However, this is only part of the story. It is our deep connection with the land, coupled with our knowledge of biodiversity protection, that allows us to take care of these precious spaces.It all began in 1907 when, not far from us, Bréhat was the first place in France to be awarded the status of classified natural site. Moving on to 1999, the pays de Paimpol piloted Natura 2000, the European programme to protect biodiversity on land and at sea.

Moving southwards to the pays de Callac, ‘the land of springs’ where famous rivers begin their journey, the banks of the Blavet, the Hyères and the Léguer are vigilantly protected by the Natura 2000 programme. Towards Belle Isle en Terre, a part of the Vallée du Léguer, a paradise for ‘no kill’ fishing, has recently joined the prestigious group of only four rivers in France to have been awarded the ‘Wild River’ label.

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Site naturel du Palacret à Saint-Laurent Bégard

Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol is the perfect place for all the open-air activities you could wish for, where your explorations will lead you through sensitive and protected natural sites. From simple solo walks to guided nature walks with our guides and our network of environmental educators, a range of important protected natural sites welcome visitors all year round. To make sure you enjoy your experience each time you come back, please help to protect these areas. Eco-friendliness never takes a day’s holiday !

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