For gourmets

Culinary delights : a taste of the terroir !

Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol - a gourmet’s delight

Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol, a holiday paradise for food lovers

Make the most of your stay in Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol by discovering the delights of our terroir. Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol opens up a world of flavours from land and sea all year round...

Prestigious local food products

The Coco de Paimpol bean (Protected Designation of Origin), the famous ‘blue’ lobster, seafood and shellfish without forgetting the delicious ‘queen of the bay’ scallops, oysters from the Bay of Paimpol, abalone, mussels, plus our local seasonal vegetables : potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, artichokes, endives, onions, shallots...

Local markets

Meet our producers, artisans, creators and food-sellers to learn about their expertise and taste our local specialities.

Restaurants and local producers

The year-round mild climate and our proximity to the sea allows our producers to supply restaurants and markets with a huge range of ingredients. So, on your marks, get set, taste and sample some of the ‘catch of the day’ dishes which our chefs excel in preparing !