Breizh Mod

The partner who dresses the Tourist Office team !

Each item of our Breton wardrobe is created in France, for the most part in Brittany.

Breizh Mod

Following our principles of responsible and sustainable consumption, each item of our Breton wardrobe is created in France, for the most part in Brittany.  Our clothes are produced with care, commitment and expertise, with carefully considered pricing.

How the project started

The label Breizh Mod, which was created in 2014, began when the retailer E. Leclerc of Paimpol was looking for a supplier of the traditional marinière striped t-shirt which, although a staple of Breton fashion, was mainly imported from abroad - even by the most well-known French labels!  Were there any ‘indomitable Bretons’ left capable of producing a collection?  Several manufacturers were already working for the Japanese and Swedish markets, but needed a helping hand to become known in France!  You couldn’t make it up!

So this was how our brand was born, producing clothes that reveal Brittany in all her forms, timeless, sustainable, and produced with total transparency.  It’s an equitable project, with each participant receiving fair value for their work while still providing a competitive price for the customer.  In short, an idea based on solidarity and fair trade, in keeping with traditional values, with a desire to create synergies between those taking part in the project.

Breizh Mod

The creative team

The stylist Bleuenn Seveno sets the tone for the seasons and creates the collections, from design to finished product, in collaboration with the workshops and with Maïwenn Nicolas who photographs our pieces and looks after the digital content to publicise the brand to a wider audience.  This creative duo allows our expertise to be firmly rooted in a modern context.

Where to find us

The E. Leclerc centres which sell Breizh Mod clothes are small local businesses operated by independents grouped into co-operatives who are committed to creating a dynamic local economy.  Around thirty points of sale and two collections per year showcase the expertise and experience of our local craftspeople, producing ethical and sustainable fashion.

Wearing Breizh Mod also helps our businesses to be better known.  Transparency and traceability are two of the strong principles of Breizh Mod, which means that a purchase can be pleasurable and fashionable and at the same time responsible and supportive.  Our challenge involves everyone - shops, manufacturers and customers!

Breizh Mod, ‘Breton savoir-faire”

Find the complete collection at E. Leclerc in Paimpol and at !