A Taste of the Sea

Immerse yourself in the world of oyster-farming and (re)discover the taste of oysters

Cécile Arin et Yasmine Ouannoughi ©S. Arin

Cécile et Yasmine

The oyster experience is the story of how we met !

  • Guingamp - Baie de Paimpol is Cécile : My region ; Yasmine : My dream
  • Your ideal day C. : A summer’s day at the oyster bar ; Y. : Sharing new sensations and emotions through cooking
  • Your philosophy C. : A smile brings a smile ! ; Y. : Have no regrets
  • Your favourite spot C. : The coast around Arcouest at Ploubazlanec ; Y. : The little Japanese footbridge in the marshes of Beauport Abbey
  • Your favourite indulgence C. : Chocolate cake ; Y. : Dried figs
  • Your passion C. : Horses ; Y. : Sewing

The oyster experience is open every Monday morning during July and August from 9.30 to 12.00 (by reservation)

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Oyster-farmer Cécile, from Paimpol, and chef Yasmine who recently settled in Kérity, met at the ARIN farm oyster bar. The oyster experience was born as a result of that meeting. Sharing the same values, they decided to set up a workshop based around sharing ideas and experiences. Cécile is your expert guide to the oyster-farming workshop while Yasmine prepares some delicious oyster tasting dishes. The daughter of a restaurateur and granddaughter of a baker, she devises original recipes using local products so can (re)discover the joys of eating oysters !

Explore an exceptional setting at Kerarzic in the Bay of Paimpol

It’s 9.30 on Monday morning at the Ferme Maritime Paimpolaise, and the place is buzzing. Cécile is getting ready to welcome you to her marine farm where you’ll experience the world of oyster-farming. In 2003 she took over the family business with brother André and took the opportunity to share her fascination. Cécile will present the profession of oyster-farming to you and André will guide you through the production process. “I like to share my knowledge and let people know about our products” Cécile tells us. After the theory comes the practice, with a ‘hands-on’ workshop.  Equipped with a good knife, you’ll have a go at opening a dozen oysters. The first ones may take a few minutes. After all your hard work, you’ll be able to enjoy half a dozen oysters au naturel, saving the others for the next part of the experience.

All equipment for the oyster-opening workshop is provided. Hand protection and knives are supplied by the ARIN farm.

To conclude the morning’s voyage of discovery, Yasmine invites you to a tasting, accompanied by a glass of white (or other) wine. In an idyllic setting on the terrace overlooking the Bay of Paimpol, a series of original recipes such as oyster tartare with mango and passionfruit will enable you to (re)discover the wonderful taste of oysters. Yasmine will prepare her recipes for you next to the sea, using local products. “It’s the pleasure of sharing that really drives me,” says Yasmine, who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and making people happy. You’ll help prepare three recipes using the oysters you opened earlier in the day, using different cooking methods in order to appreciate another aspect of their taste.

Learn how to transform a simple product into a gastronomic creation

The cookery demonstration will show you how to prepare shellfish in different ways, and how to take a simple ingredient and turn it into a gastronomic delight. Even the most sceptical will appreciate the taste of oysters, and will be able to reproduce the dishes at home. For more advice, or to spend more time learning, Yasmine offers organic cookery workshops in her renovated house at Kérity as well as the Biocoop in Paimpol.

  • Panorama Baie de Paimpol ©S. Arin
  • Production d'huîtres en Baie de Paimpol par la ferme ARIN ©S. Arin
  • Cécile Arin et Yasmine Ouannoughi en atelier dégustation à la ferme ARIN ©S. Arin
  • Vue depuis la ferme ARIN, Pointe de Kerarzic, sur la Baie de Paimpol ©S. Arin
  • Vue depuis la ferme ARIN, Pointe de Kerarzic, sur la Baie de Paimpol ©S. Arin
  • Ostréiculteurs de la ferme ARIN en Baie de Paimpol ©S. Arin
  • Cécile Arin et Yasmine Ouannoughi en atelier dégustation à la ferme ARIN ©S. Arin
  • Production ostréicole en Baie de Paimpol ©S. Arin
  • Production ostréicole en Baie de Paimpol ©S. Arin